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    Three Ways To Reinvent Retail For Men: The Online Business Guide

    Many men find it hard to clothes shop, which is a problem for many retailers.

    The bitter truth is there are few men around who are style conscious and can dress up to suit the occasion and their looks and still remain comfortable.

    In most cases, they just end up buying the first thing that comes in front of them.

    As online retailers it’s up to the industry to reinvent the retail wheel for men, which will not only increase revenue, but also build a mentality that men’s shopping is actually a pretty cool thing to do

    Latest Style Choices Online

    When choosing an online retailer, always make sure that you select one that is offering clothes and accessories pertaining to the latest fashion like luxury men’s suits. If you end up going for a retailer that has old style clothes, you won’t have enough choices and will end up buying something that will not be in your best interests as far as fashion is concerned.

    Up Sell

    There is no point in purchasing clothes from websites that offer only one type of clothing. It will only increase your trouble by having to mix and match pieces from various different retailers and brands. With every purchase, go for the complete look-pants, shirts, and accessories. It is best to go with those offering you a one-stop shopping trip.

    Pricing Point


    Men’s clothing often tends to be costlier than women’s. Branded t-shirt and shirts for men can be pretty expensive, but this does not mean you should buy the first thing you find. When you buy shirts or boys t-Shirts online, make sure you get value for your money.

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    Why Offline Businesses Need Online Marketing?

    The fact is you can help offline businesses with ways that have nothing to do with web designing, pay per click, page rankings and other SEO related things.

    Putting up a simple website that can be noticed by potential customers, and launching a simple email marketing campaign are examples of a basic online marketing strategy.


    These, of course, I am sure you are capable of doing.

    You definitely want to ask me now, “is this business so lucrative that nobody wants to engage in it?”

    That’s what’s puzzling here. So many online marketers are struggling to reach the top search engine result pages, and imagine how many articles they need to write?! But with all these things they do, they hardly make a thousand dollars a month. But if you try the offline marketing, a thousand is just from one client!

    Video courtesy of Safety Bros

    Many are still scared to jump into the offline business world, thinking that they would need to be the vendors themselves begging customers to buy their clients’ products. This is ridiculous! These people do not know that being an offline business marketing consultant is as simple as creating an avenue where the sellers and the buyers meet.

  • The Ultimate Branding Strategy

    In this video we look at the ultimate branding strategy. Many online marketing departments fail to realise that a solid branding strategy is one of the key components of online success, here’s how to really make that happen and start reaping the rewards!

  • Branding Your Blog – The Ultimate Guide!

    For many of you starting your first blog, I doubt you had even considered branding until you started your research.

    Many of you maybe asking the question….

    “Isn’t it only the huge multinational companies like Apple, Starbucks & Mcdonalds that need to concentrate on branding?”

    Well, no.

    Branding your blog can be crucial to your online success. Its a competitive Internet world out there so having a brand promise is a key component to building up a loyal following of readers and subscribers.

    A brand promise is a promise (not surprisingly!) that you make to your visitors the very first time they visit your blog and you meet. A guarantee if you like, that you will deliver every single time.

    In Enormoneys case, that guarantee is to provide killer information that will help you all build an online business and make money online.

    The guarantee is based around a single niche, targeting a specific group of people, making it all the more important that you think long and hard about what topic you are going to blog about.

    Your message needs to be clear, new visitors need to feel like they have landed at the right place. Remember you only have a couple of seconds to persuade them to stay, otherwise they will be gone and gone for good.

    When I think of great brands the obvious spring to mind:



    So how have they built their brands & how can you build your own brand for your blog without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars?

    • Choose a memorable name and domain name for your blog.
    • Pick an attractive looking wordpress theme – This blog uses the Fresh news theme from Woo, I would also recommend the thesis framework, a theme I use on several other sites.
    • Pick an attractive looking wordpress theme – This blog uses the Sahifa theme from Theme Forest, I would also recommend the Thesis framework, a theme I use on several other sites.
    • Decide on an attractive color scheme – Just because you have no graphic design experience, doesn’t mean you cant play around with the colors on your blog. Its a great idea to use 2-3 main colors and to not overdo it. Try and pick colors that represent the message you are putting across. For example a light hearted blog would use bright, fun colors, while a blog delivering business advice would use a more reserved color scheme.
    • Create a consistent tone of voice – Make sure that readers know exactly what they are going to receive every time. If we use Starbucks as a non blogging example, you know you are going to receive a great cup of coffee, served by a friendly member of staff that you can drink in a clean, comfortable environment.In relation to blogging you should consider your publishing schedule, how often? Whether or not you are going to allow guest posting or be the only author? If you do decide to allow guest posts its important you lay down strict guidelines to ensure the tone of the blogs voice remains consistent.

    You need to think about the words you want associated with your brand. The feelings that pop into peoples head – authentic, approachable, scammer (hopefully not!) delivers great information, fun, professional?

    • Choose a great tagline – Something memorable, something that sums your blog up perfectly in just a few words.
    • Get A Logo Designed – Doesn’t need to be expensive, I got mine from a designer over at the warrior forum, it cost 15 or so bucks.

    I kept getting a logo designed till last, because many new bloggers believe this is the only thing they need to do in order to brand their blog. Although its not a difficult process its important you realise that your branding will symbolise everything you do online, so spend some time on getting it just right.

    Please feel free to add any more blog branding points you think I may have missed below. Questions are always welcome and will always be answered.